When To Get A New Mattress

Getting A Natural Latex Mattress

Most of us spend a lot of time resting and sleeping on our mattresses. However, far fewer of us recognize when it is time to replace a mattress. In fact, we often mistake some of the idiosyncratic dips and flaws in our mattresses as comfort. Like old shoes, a mattress can seem comfortable, but fail to provide you with the support needed to ensure a healthy sleep.

How do you evaluate a mattress? Early signs that your mattress has lost its support include waking up with aches and pains; visible signs of wear, including lumps and tears; and age. If your mattress is over 7 years old it could easily be unable to provide the quality comfort and support required. It is likely that your mattress has a warranty longer than 7 years, but such warranties do not protect against gradual loss of support. If your mattress is older than 7 years, begin the process of shopping for something with more comfort like an organic cotton mattress.

Replacing Your Old Mattress with a New Organic Bed

Here are some signs to look for to make sure you know when to start looking for a new mattress whether it is an organic memory foam mattress or any other kind of mattress. So long as it is a mattress that will help you gain the rest you deserve.

  • Every morning is more painful on your body.
  • You notice your bed is lumpy or sagging.
  • Your allergies have gotten worse, especially in the bedroom. Nose is stuffy.
  • You sleep better anywhere than when you are sleeping on your bed.
  • Your mattress is smelly or stained.

Comfortable Organic Mattresses

Once you do your homework and select a healthy, comfortable new latex mattress or organic memory foam bed, be sure to properly dispose of the old mattress. Given their size and bulk, many mattresses appear overnight beside dumpsters or on the side of the road. Please be more considerate than that and investigate options for mattress removal and recycling. In many cities, companies provide recycling services for mattress, eventually tearing apart the mattress and reusing some materials while also properly disposing of other materials, as necessary.

Your body requires proper rest to function. Your mattress is the key component to creating a restful and comfortable sleep environment. Be sure to evaluate and replace your mattress with even an organic bed like an organic cotton mattress or natural latex mattress to ensure a more healthy sleep.