Beware of Greenwashing

We are the ONLY local Austin mattress store that carries actual organic mattresses.

Some of our local competitors claim to, but NONE, not one, of the mattresses they list as “organic” are actually certified organic products. This is referred to in the industry as “greenwashing”.

Very simply, ask for the organic certifications on ANY of the mattresses these stores list as “organic”. ANY merchant claiming to sell “organic” products should possess either a current Certified Organic Certificate for that finished product (in this case, a mattress), such as our Naturepedic line does, or at least a certified organic certificate for every single component in the mattress (not just one component) from a USDA-accredited certifier. Our Naturepedic line carries BOTH a finished final product organic certification, as well as an individual organic certification on each and every single component that makes up the mattress, as well as the facilities in which the mattresses are constructed!

They may have one certified organic component (like a certified organic cotton cover) on the mattress, while every other component that is in the mattress is not organic. This is not an organic mattress. They may, as an example, retort, “Certified? No, but this is wool.” Or, “No, but this is latex”. Non-organic wool has man made chemicals in it. Non-certified latex can be all or primarily man made synthetic latex, made from chemicals derived from petroleum oil. Non-certified mattresses can have chemical spray on toxic fire retardants that off gas, and all sorts of other chemicals in the components as well.

This is, quite simply put, green washing. Making claims that are simply not true. If they lie about this, what else are they lying about?

All of our mattresses that are listed as organic have a finished final product organic certification (the finished final product in this case being the mattress), as well as individual organic certifications for every component that is in the mattress;

the flannel, thread, adhesives, barriers, cotton, fill, latex, etc. EVERYTHING that is in the mattress.

Know the difference. Arm yourself with knowledge.