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Our Purity Ratings are based on the types of materials, fire retardants, and the amount of natural or organic materials used to produce the product.

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Handmade in California, the natural Nurture mattress is a luxurious, mostly natural, chemical fire-retardant free sleep system, which won’t break the bank! We tweaked this mattress for years in our stores over time, and have perfected a memory foam feel mattress, without all the harmful chemicals, at an affordable price. Available in Plush or Firm, you will be pleasantly surprised by the luxurious comfort that the Nurture offers, as will your wallet. With the knowledge that you are sleeping on a mattress that is non-toxic and chemical fire retardant free, and feeling safe in your purchase knowing that you have a 100 day comfort trial period, and a 10 year warranty.

The Nurture offers the benefits of certified beeswax infused organic cotton, a chemical free natural fire barrier, our superior chemically inert coil system, and CertiPUR-US Certified Copper Infused Anti-Microbial Soy Comfort Material

The Nurture is shown in all Austin Natural Mattress, Dallas Natural Mattress, & Houston Natural Mattress locations, if you wish to come in and try it out first.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton & Beeswax.

Cotton that is not certified organic can be laden with harmful chemicals. GOTS Certified Organic cotton is cotton that has been outside third party certified to be free of synthetic pesticides, toxins, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. Instead, natural fertilizers are used, as are beneficial insects and innovative weeding techniques.

By definition, certified organic cotton means that there are none of the following used on the soil the cotton is grown in, within 50 miles of the field the cotton is grown in (to protect against run off, and chemicals leaching into to the soil), the plant itself, its growth process, its processing and manufacture, or the end distribution of the cotton;

No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, gmo’s, carcinogenic, teratogenic, or mutagenic chemicals. No endocrine disruptors, degreasers, surfactants, non-biodegradable detergents, chlorine bleach, plastisols, or any other synthetic chemicals are used.

Above and beyond even this, our certified organic cotton fabric is infused with solid beeswax, making it an advanced temperature adaptive fabric. You will never sleep more comfortably.

Chemical Free (Non-Toxic) Fire Retardant.

In modern non-natural mattresses, there are a host of chemically unclean components. The most toxic of these, by far, are the chemical fire retardants used to make the mattresses pass fire safety standards. The multi-billion dollar chemical fire retardant industry writes its own regulations, and as such, these manufacturers do not have to disclose to you what chemicals they use to make their non-natural mattresses pass US fire retardant safety standards. That information is proprietary; the mattresses only have to pass the fire test. See for yourself, try to find out what chemicals are used in any non-natural mattress manufacturers fire retardant. It won’t happen.

We in the natural & organic mattress industry have to vacuum chamber test these non-natural mattresses ourselves, to let them off-gass, so that we can discern what chemicals are actually being used, and the results can be rather shocking. Pbde, tdccp, octa, tris, formaldehyde, bromine, fluorine, chlorine, antimony, melamine, and many more, just to name a few. As an example, a very popular memory foam mattress manufacturer you’ve heard of was recently tested. It was found to off-gas many  chemicals, 62 of which were voc’s (volatile organic compounds), 9 of which are also known human cancer causing carcinogens.

We have found carcinogens, developmental neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, hormonal disruptors, & obesogens.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At ANM Direct, we use a 100% chemical free, natural, wood pulp based rayon fire barrier, so that you can rest assured that you, your sleeping environment, and your family, are safe from such harmful chemicals.

8” Patented Chemically Inert 1040 Coil Density Individually Wrapped Coil System, with Dynamic Edge Support.

When it comes to coil systems, ours is one of the finest. It consists of one thousand and forty coil count density, eight-inch tall recycled steel coils. These are chemically inert, so there is no off gassing of harmful chemicals. These coils are also individually wrapped, so that movement on one side of the mattress does not cause disturbance on the other. To finish, the system includes dynamic edge support, so that the sides of your mattress do not sag over time.

CertiPUR-US Certified Copper Infused Anti-Microbial Soy Comfort Material

In the battle against harmful chemicals in mattresses, as discussed under the fire-retardant section above, the primary place where toxic chemicals are generally found in non-natural mattresses is in the fire retardant. Outside of that, one can give up some amount of naturalness, for a certain feel, without being exposed to too many chemicals.

That is the Nurture.

The Nurture offers that memory foam feel, without all the toxicity. It uses a certi-PUR certified (outside third party certification, which means the material is free from the nine heavy elements we typically worry about in poly foams), Copper infused (anti-microbial/bacterial/fungal, helps with circulation & temperature regulation), plant based poly foam to achieve this.

Enjoy the feeling of memory foam, without all the harmful chemicals.

  • Available in Plush or Firm
  • 12.5” Profile
  • 100% Chemical Free Natural Wood Pulp Rayon Fire Barrier
  • Certified Organic Cotton Fabric
  • 1.5” CertiPUR-US Soy Based Certified Bounce Dampening Layer
  • 1” CertiPUR-US Certified Copper Infused Anti-Microbial Soy Comfort Material
  • 2” CertiPUR-US Soy Based Transition Layer
  • 8” Patented Inert Pocketed Coils with Dynamic Edge
  • Box-stitched Handles

10 Year prorated warranty.

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  1. Henry

    This mattress is extremely comfortable, and with the price (I had an avocado green mattress that was more expensive & less comfy) is an amazing deal! Highly recommend.

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