myWooly Side Sleeper Pillow

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The myWooly Side Sleeper is ideal for a side sleeper and a stomach/back sleeper. 100% natural, washable and adjustable wool pillow for an uncompromising night’s sleep. Adjust the loft and amount of material in the pillow to determine the comfort, support and thickness of your pillow. This pillow is washable with an outer case that is quilted to provide a sensation of muscles relaxing that releases tension. The “woolly puffs” in the pillow may be removed from the inner case to achieve a desired loft. While sleeping cooler than most down, feather and synthetic fills and memory foams it also supports the spine in its natural position for sleep with less neck tension.

  • Adjustable
  • 100% natural wool filled quilted case
  • 100% natural cotton sateen, 300TC (Encasement)
  • Machine washable
  • Weight: high loft

5 years

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