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Welcome to the Austin Natural Mattress Bee Cave Mattress Store!

Our owner and sleep experts work hard every day to bring you the highest quality, natural and organic sleep systems at the lowest prices in Austin.

What’s important about sleeping on an organic mattress?

Simple. Non-organic mattresses emit some pretty nasty chemicals into the surrounding air. For example, one popular mattress brand that was tested contained 64 volatile compounds, including 9 human carcinogens.

One of the reasons for this is to adhere to fire-retardant standards that state a mattress must withstand an open flame without combustion for 30 minutes. Most mattress manufacturers achieve these standards using toxic chemicals to protect the material. Our organic mattress collections, on the other hand, use inert organic means, such as organic wool, to achieve the same results.

How secure are you about the air you’re breathing in your bedroom?

If you’re not sure, it’s time to take back the bedroom and look for an American-made sleep system made with materials such as all natural talalay milk sap latex, hand-tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, certified organic California wool, and certified organic American cotton.

Our Philosophy

Here at Bee Cave Mattress Store, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Serving Austin since 1998, our philosophy backs our products:

  • Do No Harm

We believe natural, organic mattresses contribute to a healthier lifestyle and better sleep.

  • Carry Only the Finest Sleep Systems

You won’t find any run-of-the-mill mattress choices here. Only the finest organic products.

  • Offer the Best Prices

Our goal is always to offer quality organic sleep systems to fit every budget.

  • Generous Exchange Policy

We want our customers to feel comfortable trying something new. Because our products are innovative, there will be no restocking fee if you should choose to exchange your mattress.

Products We Carry

To give you an idea of what we’re bragging about, take a look at the products we offer:

Organic Latex Mattresses

We have a full line of organic latex mattresses, all with 10-15 third party organic certifications. You won’t find a purer mattress, and if you do, we’ll give you ours FREE! We guarantee it in writing!

Organic Innerspring Mattresses

For a more traditional feel, we also have a certified organic innerspring mattress line, Amish-made and ultra luxurious! These hand-made products are third-party certified to be truly organic mattresses!

Green Memory Foam

Our memory foam mattresses differ from the other popular brands in that they are open-cell and soy-based, with a much cleaner flame retardant than brands such as Tempur-Pedic use. They sleep cooler, don’t off-gas, and cost less than the competition.

For an even greener alternative to memory foam, try our slow-response natural latex mattresses that mimics memory foam.

Adjustable Beds

Not only are adjustable beds convenient for bedtime readers and TV-watchers, our adjustable beds can be positioned for “zero gravity” positions to alleviate lower back pain. We even offer Wi-Fi compatible models that can be controlled with your smart phone!

Don’t be fooled by those other retailers who claim to offer “organic, natural, green,” or “eco-friendly” mattress lines. A true organic mattress must contain ALL organic components and be certified by a third party, such as GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), or NOP (National Organic Program). If a retailer claims to have an organic mattress, don’t take their word for it! Find out if their products are certified, and which organizations certified them.

Or, come straight to us, the company that backs up our claims and stands behind our products. At Bee Cave Mattress Store, we guarantee you top-of-the line organic mattresses, organic latex mattresses, green memory foam and adjustable beds at affordable prices.

Come to us for a cleaner, greener and safer night’s sleep!

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