MagniStretch 12

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MagniStretch is a technologically innovative mattress from Magniflex, developed in cooperation with the Mechanical Engineering department of Zaragoza University and tested with machinery INSTRON 8800. Its exclusive patent was devised to provide incredible benefits to the back, which stretches and elongates the spine during sleep.

The Elioform layer and the softer Eliosoft one are even more elastic thanks to the innovative Stretch system, which ensures the ideal support to the back spine . The padding is in Memoform, a soft anatomic material. The lining is the result of the combination of soft viscose and Outlast®, a fabric that absorbs the excessive heat and releases it when needed. Every model is also provided with a micro-pierced, highly breathing band along the contour.

The special six inclined section layer uses the body pressure to move from the lumbar area to the cervical one and from the lumbar area to the feet. Such movement fosters the stretching of the back and increases the space between the vertebrae. The weight is therefore distributed more evenly, so that it facilitates the relaxation of tensions and muscular contractions.

  • Cover in Natural Viscose & Outlast
  • ½” Memoform (memory foam)
  • ½” Super Soft Fiber
  • 2" Eliosoft with patented Stretch technology
  • 4 ½” Eliosoft with patented Stretch technology
  • 4 ½” Elioform (firm support foam)
20 years. 10 years free replacement.  10 years prorated.

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