Choosing A Natural Organic Mattress For Your Child

Organic Mattresses for Kids

Children's Natural Mattresses

When it comes to caring for your child, bedtime routines and sleeping environment play an essential role in child health. While many parents prepare themselves for the joy of bedtime stories, fewer consider the critical role sleep plays throughout child growth and development. Children spend a lot of time sleeping, so mattress and bedding are crucial elements to a healthy resting environment.

Most mattresses or latex mattresses on the market these days are full of dangerous or suspect chemicals. In fact, a 2011 study by environmental advocacy group Clean and Health New York found that over 70% of commonly available crib-sized mattresses contain one or more chemicals of concern. These chemicals include retardants and waterproofing materials designed with good intentions, but with the potential to cause or exacerbate health issues in small children and infants. This exposure to toxicity is gaining more notoriety and the market has responded with more natural and safer bedding products.

Kid Natural Organic Beds

The natural mattress market is growing, with a wider range of products available for parents looking to purchase a healthier organic mattress. For example, there are now all-natural organic mattress composed of organic cotton, hemp, silk, wool, and other materials. Parents should gain familiarity with these components and select the mattress best suited to your personal preferences and needs. As the market grows, stay informed. There are online sources for further information and product reviews. Learn about the companies and their methods of manufacturing as well as what the produce. The more information you have at hand, the better choice you make.

Kid-Friendly, Organic Mattresses

As you create a healthier sleep environment for your child, you make decisions that affect your home as well as the entire market. The time you invest in researching and selecting the best product is an investment that reaps rewards for years to come. Your entire family benefits from an eco-friendly sleep environment.