Why Us?

Our Story

Shane & Kristin Coker opened their first store in Austin on Burnet road in 1999. It was about one fifth the size it is now, and was originally called Beds, Beds & More.

Charles Roberts worked in recycling (he ran the humongous recycling program for the Austin City Limits Festival for years & years!)before he started with ANM. He & Shane were like brothers, and it wasn’t long before Charlie was running things at the Burnet road store!

Folks took to the laid-back, purely Austin atmosphere… to owners in sandals, great Austin music, beautiful art on the walls by some of Austin’s greatest local artists, low prices, great customer service, and to the unpretentious store itself.

Years later, after opening the sister store, The Futon Store Austin, fire retardant standards for mattresses in the US changed dramatically, becoming even more draconian than they had been before. A year later, Kristin became very ill as a result of chemical sensitivity (though they didn’t know that at first…prognoses like fibro myalgia, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, pituitary issues, etc were thrown around), a victim to our modern, toxic environment. The Cokers’ didn’t completely blame it on mattress fire retardants (though, to test out new mattresses to feel comfortable selling them to their customers, they did have new mattresses in the four bedrooms in their house about every four months, for years)…chemicals in food, carpet, paint, new cars, clothing, home accessories, baby clothing & products, etc, etc certainly contributed. They decided to chem free their lifestyle, and when at furniture market in Las Vegas, they bought their first organic mattress for themselves. They also radically changed their diet, pulled all the carpet & pad out of their home, stopped using many plastics, etc, etc. Six months later, Kristin was back to normal, healthy, energetic, happy Kristin!

At that point, and after doing much research into the toxic fire retardants that are used currently in the US mattress industry, Shane & Charles decided enough was enough. They no longer felt comfortable selling the poison that was non-natural mattresses to their customers. So they changed the name of the stores to Austin Natural Mattress, brought in natural & organic mattress lines, and never looked back!

Years later, Austin Natural Mattress is very proud to employ many here in the Austin area!

Superior Products at Affordable Prices

We are a locally owned company that stresses all natural and organic products at everyday affordable prices. We believe that just because we are offering our customers elite mattresses, doesn’t mean we have to do the same elite mark up the other sleep boutique stores do.

So even though we have grown and educated ourselves and our customers through the last 10-15 years on what’s good to sleep on, we still use the same business philosophy we began with long ago. Keep the mark-up low!

    Our Lowest Local Price Guarantee

    If you buy a mattress from us and see it advertised locally within 30 days for a lower price, bring in the advertisement and we’ll refund the difference plus 10% of that difference.

    So far, nobody has been able to beat our prices, but it’s a standing offer.

    Our 90-Day Comfort Guarantee

    Yes, that’s right. You have an entire 90 days to decide if your mattress or your purchase is right for you. There is no cost for exchange.

    Superior Delivery Options

    Delivery services in Austin are FREE for many of our natural mattresses, and $69 for others anywhere in the Austin area. That includes installation, removal of your old mattress, and removal of all boxes and containers from your property.

    We offer same day delivery on all in-stock items!

    We’re Active in the Local and World Community

    We have done work with multiple local charities (Helping Hands Home for Children, Partner in Literacy for Central Texas Schools, Friends of Oakalla Public Library, Jarrell Volunteer Fire Dept, etc) as well as the Make a Wish Foundation. Our WorldBed Program currently sends one WorldBed mattress to those around the globe in need (including US soldiers) for every 3 EcoMemory Foam mattresses we sell.