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The Coolest Mattress in Austin: Pure Latex Bliss

Everything You Need to Know from Latex Bliss on Vimeo. If you are searching for a mattress in Austin, you owe it to yourself to come in and take a look at Austin Natural Mattress. Yes, we pride ourselves on natural & organic mattresses, because they are non-toxic, and just smarter. You are not giving anything up by buying a cleaner product. But outside of that, it should be mentioned that our mattresses are also on the cutting edge of technology and quite simply the highest quality mattresses on…

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Why choose a latex mattress or pillow?

latex mattress blocks large Dust mite resistant – 300% more resistant than other foams – and thousands more resistant than inner spring. There’s nothing for them to feed on in a latex pillow. Hypoallergenic – Less dust mites = less allergic reactions for most people. Less tossing and turning – Latex offers buoyant support, rather than acting as a shock absorber. Conformability – Your neck is more comfortable when allowed to curve naturally. Breathable – The open cell structure keeps your pillow from overheating with stale, sweaty air.

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