VIP Virtuoso Topper

Purity Rating 2

Our Purity Ratings are based on the types of materials, fire retardants, and the amount of natural or organic materials used to produce the product.




Quite Possibly the nicest topper in the world!


The natural viscose cover combines the properties of viscose, which is incredibly soft and silky to the touch with all the qualities of satin.  An incredible fabric that has a superior ability to dissipate moisture and adding much needed breathability.


The winter side is made of natural fibers such as horsehair, cashmere, merino wool, and camel hair to create the ideal cozy sleeping environment.

The summer side is made of natural fibers such as horsehair, silk, linen and cotton that create dry and super breathable comfort for hotter months.

  • Winter and Summer sides
  • Natural viscos cover

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