Organic Cotton Pillow

Purity Rating 4

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Certified Organic Cotton Pillow

Ivy Organics Cotton pillows are handcrafted with care using the purest 100% certified organic cotton and covered with 100% Organic Cotton Damask.  What makes certified organic cotton pillows so enjoyable, is that the cotton breathes during warmer weather providing a more restful sleep. All our pillows are 100% chemical free. Cotton pillows are flatter and firmer than wool or down pillows and will compress more over time. Ivy Organics cotton pillows come in 3 different fills, light, medium, and extra. If you sleep on your back or your stomach, you would want the light fill.  If you’re a side sleeper, you would want the medium or extra fill depending on the width of your shoulders. If you have broad shoulders, you may want to pick the extra fill. The medium fill is the most popular. This is a 100% GOTS Certified Organic product.

Only a handcrafted pillow can achieve this kind of comfort.

  • The covering is 100% certified organic cotton damask (North Carolina)
  • The filling is 100% certified organic cotton (Texas)
  • Care: Cover the pillow with a pillowcase. To fluff, the pillow put the pillow in the dryer with a new tennis ball.  Set the dryer to air or the lowest setting possible. Set cycle for 10 minutes.
3 years

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