Dolce Vita Comfort Deluxe Dual 12

Purity Rating 3

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The creation of Dolce Vita has drawn its inspiration from Magniflex’s bestselling products. It combines the excellence of the Made in Italy label with the Italian lifestyle. These models have been studied to make repose even sweeter and more enjoyable, because sleep is the most important pleasure of life.

Can comfort be an expression of refinement? It certainly can with Dolce Vita mattresses. Especially thanks to the artful combination of materials and fabrics, such as the Elioform plate for firm spinal support, and another in Eliosoft which confers a more in-between support. But what really distinguishes these products is the presence of plates and fillings in Memoform which, when in direct contact with the body, confer a sensation of extreme comfort, for the maximum enjoyment of all the beneficial properties of this incredible material. The mattress cover comes in a breathable Viscose fabric and is also easy to remove.

  • Cover in Natural Viscose & Outlast
  • Made in Italy
  • Medium soft/Soft
  • Memoform, Magnifoam Elioform, Magnifoam Eliosoft, Magnigel Foam
  • Dual core layer, World-class, Medical Device cert.
12 years.

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