All-Season Certified Organic Wool Comforter

Purity Rating 4

Our Purity Ratings are based on the types of materials, fire retardants, and the amount of natural or organic materials used to produce the product.


$550.00 - $700.00 $440.00 - $560.00


Plush layers of our premium certified organic wool are quilted into our soft, certified organic cotton sateen cover fabric in our redesigned wool comforter. Because of its superior insulating qualities, wool is comfortable all year long.  Air is trapped between the wool fibers, providing lightweight warmth.

Since OMI's wool is 100% natural and not treated, the comforter should not be wet washed or dry cleaned. OMI recommends spot cleaning only and airing in sunlight. To protect against soiling and to ensure longevity, the comforter should be placed in a washable duvet or comforter cover.

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