Get Some Sleep: Naturally

Everyone needs to get a good night of sleep. This is no surprise to anyone I’m willing to bet considering a lack of a good, healthy night of rest is easily to recognize, and when the opposite occurs, easy to bemoan. Getting up after a restless battle of tossing and turning can have the same effect as operating in a nearly intoxicated-like state. Sleep deprivation is often caused by stress from your job, a long day of work, or just your mind struggling to keep the tasks of tomorrow straight in your head.

Sleep aids are nothing new and we’ve all seen the commercials portending a wonderfully enticing easy fix with medication, but times are changing. The FDA is scrutinizing medications more and more as studies are surfacing that demonstrate side-effects that are serious enough to warrant lower doses soon to be required in pharmaceuticals. So what can you do when the sheep just can’t seem clear the fence each night for you to count and slip into dreamland? Ponder this:

  • Don’t drink or eat anything with caffeine after dinner. If you use coffee to wake you up, it should be obvious why the same holds true for difficulty falling asleep later in the day.
  • Electronics with a glow will keep you awake. They signal your body to get going. Power things down to power your body down as well.
  • Read a book or take a bath. Relaxing the mind and muscles is important in settling down.
  • A good bed makes a big difference. You’re going to spend up to a third of your life on the mattress so make it the most important piece of furniture in the house.

Your body is your machine. A lack of sleep is like running low on fuel or with worn parts. Refuel with a quality night of sleep.

Source: Fox News